Dr. Dhiren Shah is an epic heart transplant expert and leading senior cardiac surgeon in Gujarat. He has been working with CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad as the head of the heart transplant center and director of the hospital.. Dr. Dhiren Shah is reputed as an expert surgeon primarily for pump CABGs, Aortic surgeries and ECMO. With 9 Heart Transplants successfully performed and over 10.000+ Cardiac Surgeries and over thousands for satisfied and happy patients, he holds the most seniority and expertise in terms of all round heart expertise in western India. He also boasts of decades of experience making him the most sought cardiac surgeon in Gujarat and one of the most popular doctors in Ahmedabad when it comes to patient reviews.

Heart Surgery Guide is an Amazing and truly Epic Ahmedabad doctor written Guide to the Heart. Download the app – Heart Surgery Guide for your mobile phone or tablet today! The Epic guide was developed by Dr. Dhiren Shah at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad, rated by patients online as the best hospital in Ahmedabad and Gujarat.