1.Heart attack occurs only in old age.With unhealthy heart diet and sedentary lifestyle heart attack can occur at any age.
2.Pain in chest, must be a heart attack.Not all chest pain is an indication of heart attackAngina (chest pain) is only a symptom of heart attack, last for few minutes and goes away with rest.
3.I exercise regularly, I cannot have a heart attack.Exercising regularly doesn’t rule out the other causes of heart attack such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or presence of diabetes.
4.I have a family history of heart diseases, so I too will have a heart attack.Having family history increases the chance but doesn’t asures heart attack.
5.I had normal ECG reports so I cannot have a heart attack.Having normal cardiac test reports (even a week before) doesn’t rule out chances of heart attack
6.I eat junk food but, exercise regularly so chances of having a heart attack is minimal.Exercising regularly does helps in reducing the chances of heart attack but doesn’t gives 100% prevention rate, as it is totally dependent on the lifestyle and diet that the person follows.
7.I had a heart attack and was treated for it at time so chances of having another heart attack is zero.Treatment for heart attack might have prevented the recent condition but doesn’t assure 100% cure rate. It depends on how strictly the do’s and don’ts are followed.

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