Importance of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program designed by the specialized professionals to help patients who recently suffered from any cardiac diseases like heart failure, heart attack or any heart related surgery.

It even reduces the future risk of any cardiac problems. With the help of cardiac rehab team one can easily assure a better future.

With the help of cardiac rehabilitation one does not undo what is done but, it just ensures a better health and prevents any reversibility.

Cardiac rehabilitation is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: This includes the admission and assessment of the patient along with the home-exercise guidelines.

Phase 2: This includes treatment or surgery as per the advise and then the patient is advised about the exercise protocol which may include the following: 

i. Deep breathing exercises

A repetition of 3-4 breathes for 3 sets of deep inspiration and expiration is advised.

ii. Spirometry exercises

In this apparatus is used to measure the inhaled and exhaled volume      of air in the lungs, hence improving the breathing capacity of the patient.

iii. Chest mobility exercises

Exercises that helps in chest expansion is taught. In this the patient is asked to take a deep breath while raising their hands and then lowering it while exhaling out, 4-5 repetition for 3 sets.

iv. Ambulation

The patient is made to walk in the room or near the couch itself, may take a round or 2.

Phase 3: This is the phase in which the patient is monitored throughout the exercise program, to prevent any complications.

All the exercises of phase 2 along with stair climbing and hallway ambulation is taught.

Phase 4: This the maintenance program, the patient is guided about the do’s and don’ts in their home program.

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