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dhanish dhokai   Great caring personality. Thank you Dr. Dhiren Shah sir and your whole team. From Mansukh Dhokai and Family.   Patel Vasudevbhai   Come is aBest hospital and best service. Clean and neat hospital Thank you so much for axxilant service Dr. Dhiren shah Best service at home Dressing provided by Dr. Shatrushalyasinh at my home. This is very nice service of cims   Paramount Holidays Very Firstly Dr. Dhiren Shah, before reading about him and CIMS I was thinking about to go to Chennai for Surgery Again(listening to the complaints and cases of cheating overall in Gujarat and specifically major hospitals in Vadodara) after reading on justdial, google, All other social medias, I made mind to get treatment from CIMS Ahmedabad, when Dr. Dhiren Shah come for round, they make is fearless, they positive attitude make you half cured, tomorrow I am getting discharge, but second day of surgery I was in ICU my body was paining so much, than Dr. Dhiren Shah,came in round told me everything is fine major surgery every patients gets to much pain don’t worry we have to walk tomorrow, from that pain got lost, everytime I see him, I feel energetic, Major good thing about the surgery Dr. Said valve must be changed, but during operation, he found valve can be reused, he talked to senior most dorcters in India, and reused the valve, till that I know only dhiren shah, but today another doctor came, he told me that my previous surgery was done by his Guru and just make us feel I’m not doctor for you I’m a family member, both are superb, I’m feeling Dr. Dhiren Shah to be next to God, So experienced, so jolly, giving 2-5 minutes to patients for their queries and doubts, superb is only word their quality, On duty Dr. Jagdish (superb) Now Support staff is superb Cardiologist lady Dr. – in Echo room so good. Dr. Chintan Sheth, – Anesthesiologist, you have to take one package from me.(joking) Thomas Brother, Churhcil Brother, Avesh Brother, Himani sister, Shailesh pillai Brother, One more brother and lady Dr. I don’t remember the name, Last but not list Attending staff, Yogesh and kanti, and Mr. Panna for me more than my mother, they didn’t even make me feel that they are giving me support for urine or toilet. Keep this noble service activities continue and also developed a student who can perform atleast 50% of what I see. Thanks a lot, superb My Name is Sachin Mehta, From Mehta Tours. I want to write more but I don’t have words, getting discharge tomorrow Tuesday 25/09/2018.   Vijay Patel   Best experience with cims n dr.dhiren shah sir Even home visit after discharge also provided by cims at our home by dr.shatrushalya   Mahesh Jain   Best experience with com’s Best experience with Delhi chosen shah A wonderful visit at home, after discharge Very nice service Thank u Dr shatrushalyasinh parmar   Ankit Shah   Dr. Dhiren Shah is among the beat cardiac surgen we have in Gujarat. We are blessed to have surgen like him in our society. He recently operated successfully 2 patients from My family. One was related to VALVE REPLACEMENT, Another openheart By-Pass surgery. Dr. Dhiren Shah can solve critical issues very efficiently and has all solutions for a critical patient. Thanks doctor   Mohan Bairagi   Thank you sir. Very nice service. Home visit provided by Dr.Shatrushalyasinh parmar   Dharmesh Sd   dhiren shah sir is one of the best dr &verry good neture thanks a lot sir my mothar is werry wall now thanks a lot sir 🙏🙏🙏   Sharif Mistry   Today I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Dhiren Shah and his talented team for the CABG surgery performed on 3rd July 2018 and for the exceptional care provided to me. He had been very warm, friendly and caring. I couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon and hospital. He’s one of the best cardiac surgeons of India and I felt very safe and comfortable in his capable hands. God has blessed him not only with the skill, but also with a kind and generous heart. CIMS is excellent hospital and truly the best in all the departments. Nursing staff was very caring, alert, friendly and compassionate. Support staff and cleaning staff was very well performing their duties. Perfect and nutritious meals, breakfast, snacks and healthy soups were served during the entire stay. Everyone was so friendly and I felt genuinely cared for the whole stay. After a week time I was discharged, a doctor from the CIMS hospital visited me at my home to check my health conditions and recovery after the surgery. I am often receiving calls from the hospital inquiring about my health conditions. I am so impressed and happy with the level of care being taken even after being discharged from the hospital. I would definitely recommend everyone and anyone for cardiac treatment and surgery at CIMS, Ahmedabad. With gratitude Mohammed Sharif Mistry Bhuj – Kutch   kuldeep sharma   Dr. Dhiren Shah is the one of the best doctor with great humanity. Cims is the best place with profession staff and doctor. My uncle recently gone under CABG.. ONE OF THE BEST TEAM EVER SEEN .   Jayesh Shah   You proved to be God for my wife Thank you so much sir. I salute your efficiency.   NATRAJ RAJGURU Thank you so much sir… You are the best surgeon Kirit Thakkar   Good behaviour . Thank you so much. God for me   Sanjay Desai   Very nice service of CIMS Thank you sir   Nishita Patel Excellent care. Thank you sir.   Deepak Deodhar   Dr. Dhiren Shah is an excellent surgeon and a wonderful person. He performed my father’s pericardiectomy in February, 2018. He made us feel extremely confident and comfortable. Dr. Shah listens to every question patiently and provides satisfying answers. I am forever grateful to Dr. Shah for treating my father.   Hitesh Joshi You are like a God for Us. Thank you very much.   Sitesh song gupta   Double excellent, taking very good care. 👍👍   Lokendra Bhandari   Best experience with Dr dhiren shah and good doctor   Rajnibhai Doshi   Very satisfied with Dr. Dhiren shah and also very good staff and hospital   Kamal Varma   Excellent team work and taking care even after operation for best results.   Laxmi Kothari   Thanks Sir. Very nice service sir .thanks a lot sirjii   Jigna Shah   Very good Doctor for heart surgery in ahmedabad.   Aliredha Khakoo   He is one of the best DOCTORS we have seen in Ahmedabad for bypass surgery.. very loyal, humble, and kind.. you can count him as a friend and as a doctor.. he answered all my questions before surgery which satisfied me and proceeded for the surgery. Thank you Dr Dhiren. Ali from Tanzania.   Bela Shah   Dr.Dhiren shah is an Excellent surgen & wonderfull personality. Highly recommended for bypass surgery.   Komal Modi   Thank you sir, handled my complicated valve surgery case very nicely.   Indravadan Thakkar   He’s such a good Dr. I personally appriciate his treatment 😊   Joshi Tushar   Thanks sir. Very nice service   Shriram Deodhar   Namskar sir , I m Suchitra Deodhar wife of Shriram Deodhar . I want to say thank u for everything . Medical care , Confidence and trust all gives u to my husband. You r very great doctor with a very nice person sir u gives huge moral support for surgery to us . I m very thankful to all staff of CIMS Hospital . Top to bottom all are very nice there . Once again thank you sir .🙏🏽   Deepak Jain   Dr DHIREN SHAH is best doctor for by pass surgery after God he is second god and he is so good man and all the cardiologist ward staff is very good in cims hospital thank you Dr DHIREN SHAH for giving second new life by pramod Kumar Jain   pradyumna patidar   In my life i never seen Dr. like Dhiren Shah who even can send a doctor at patients home (Post operation) to care him, thank you sir. Also CIMS Ahmedabad is the great place for any Cardiac treatment.   Dileep Pathak   Thank u sir….   R K Patel   Thank you so much   Mukesh Patidar Thanks so much to Dr. Dhiren Shah sir and CIMS. We had recently operated valve replacement for my dad Badri Lal Ji. Shah sir is great doctor, very caring, very careful with every detailed analysis before and after surgery. CIMS is great place very well maintained, clean and hygienic.   nainesh thakkar   Excelent very good fine   Vijay Kumar Jain   Good job sir your doctor visit us at katni which is 1000km from Ahmadabad thanks to Dr Snehdeep also for visit us and guide us properly   DINESH JAIN   Thank you svery much sir   Suman Shah   My mother-in-law was operated by dr. Dhiren shah   RATILAL THAKKAR   Very nice service sir.. Thanks sir   Rishi Salecha   Good afternoon Doctor !! Myself Surendra Kumar (your bypass patient) writing you this THANKS note on behalf of my whole family. Dr. Dhiren Shah and Dr. Dhawal Nayak many people have recommended us you as best doctor but I am going one step further to recommend you as a great human, a good listener, supporter and a friend. Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis else I would never been able to continue living a life of bliss. You gave me the strength of recover. Thanks for your concern and personal attention. Doctors, nurses and staff work day and night to perform life saving acts which are nothing short than a miracles. They too were so friendly. I consider you as my friend and awaiting to meet you soon again. Regards, Surendra Kumar Salecha Parthiv Kansara   Thank you Dhiren Sir for treating my father Mr. Bharat Kumar Kansara who has undergone bypass surgery and we are very much obliged for the comfort given pre and post surgery. THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, Parthiv Kansara and family.   M Singhvi   Nice service sir..thanks a lot.   DEEPAK maru   Hospitality at Best Experienced. I recommend for Cardiac Surgery anywhere in western region to be done by Dr. Dhiren Shah at CIMS in Ahmedabad. A Kind, Cool Composed and above all Brilliant Surgeon, Having Vast Experience in Cardiac surgery Field. We are really obliged and have a sweet memories of having interacted with him for my family matter. His advice was perfect and assuring. He was able to convince why surgery was needed and also gave comfort to the patient who was little scary about the operation. Me and my family members are very grateful to Dr. Dhiren Shah and we thank him and his team for giving a new life to our family members. In fact it is pleasure of introducing him to my friends and their family member. As I got tons of blessing from one of my friends Parents as I had recommended them to visit Dr. Dhiren Shah for their cardiac related problems and they got proper advice and treatment which saved his life.   Hitesh Masani   Dr.dhiren shah is a excellent cardiac surgeon   Jataram Solanki   best cardiologist dr.dhiren &team nice facilities &thank you so much sir   Mayur Kalal   Very Good Doctor   Raju Gojiya   Best doctor   Sahil Rawal   Very nice service sir..thanks sir.   sawaj ahir   very good service. best doctors team thanks a lot all of cims family. best nursing staff.and all staff supportive. very good atmosphere.   Bharti Ben Tailor   Thanks sir..nice service..   shivji vekariya   Good doctor   harshni gosrani   Thanks sir nice service   Neha Vaishnav   We are blessed that my mom’s mitral vavle replacement surgery is done by Dr. Dhiren Shah the best cardic surgeon in India. Having great team to operate open heart surgeries. Thank you sir and team CIMS.   Rakesh Ashiya   Excellent cardiac surgeon. Humble personality. Best treatment given to us. Thanks sir   rohit rami   Thank you sir. Best doctor Moreover I am dual citizen American& Indian in comparison with U.S.hospital I think he is well trained & staff under him Is also well trained. Hospital is good better best. Dr.Dhirenbhai what to say about you But when your smily reply of all questions Had recover me soon.   Pravinkumar Patel   Very good nature   Anuj patel Very nice sir service.thanks. TRUSHIT VYAS   Very nice..thanks sir..   yogendra pathak   Nice service.thanks sir.   Parvatsinh Tabhiyar   Very nice…..cims jesi care gujarat ki kisi hospital me nahi…cims nahi to ku6 nahi….thank u cims….thank you doc dhiren shah….   Ushama Paniwala   Best doctor in Gujarat   Hitesh Hodar   Dr dhiren shah is best team Hardwork &very good work good job god Bless you   Leena Ranka   Dr. Dhiren Shah is very very good cardiac surgeon. Exillent treatment given to us. We are fully satisfied with Dr. Dhiren shah. Home service also given after discharge which is amazing. Thanks sir. Leena ranka From Rajasthan   Kishor Shah   Dr. Dhiren Shah is an excellent Cardiac Surgeon. He has treated me, my uncle and my fater-in-law. With best treatments done under him, one can feel relieved and comforted. We always recommend our relatives & friends for his treatments. Keep up the good work you do.   Makwana Jaydipsinh   Nice thanks sir   KARMVEER singh   Dr. Dhiren shah is the best cardiac surgeon. Very very impressive doctor with his nature and treatment. Thanks a lot sir and Lord bless you   Govind Tripasa   Exillent cardiac surgeon in India. Very kind nature. We are happy with treatment of Dr Dhiren sir Thanks sir.   Vijaykumar Chimanlal   Best Dr ever. We r satisfied by him   Vinayak Shandilya   Dr Dhiren Shah, you had recently performed a by pass surgery for my father Mr Naren Shandilya, the operation was 100% successful and he is recovering well. Thank you and we wish the best for you in life.   sudam biswal   Good job sir we are fully satisfied   Pooja Tak   We are fully satisfied with your work and thanks lott   Bhoomi Patel   very good   Atul Messurani   My father who had 4 blockage 80-90%, with the advice of Dr Dhiren we had operated in 2011. At present my father is all well, healthy and lives a better life,till date we are getting full support & advice from Dr. Dhiren. I personally suggest that for surgery related to heart Dr.Dhiren is the best. Thanks Dr.Dhiren Shah.   Anuradha Goyal   Dr. Dhiren shah is one of the best cardiac surgeon in the world. Exillent treatment given.he has very good personality .thank you very much sir. Nayan Trivedi   Excellent nature . Co operative and very good moral support by sir   b.p.patel rfokadi Good dr in hart surgery Amrit Purohit   Thanks sir i am well now   Vrushabh Patel   CIMS IS A NICE & GREAT HOSPITAL WITH VERY HELPFUL STAFF…SPECIAL THANKS TO DR.DHIREN SHAH SIR FOR SUPPORT ME & GUIDE ME IN EVERY STEP….FACILITIES OF CIMS ARE VERY NICE.   Kirit Jhaveri   Excellent surgeon. Great human being.   Manish morbia   Dr Dhiren shah is a great heart spacialist and very kind person We are very happy to take treatment by dr dhiren shah sir Thank you so much sir for your support and give my father new life Home service given which is amazing Once again thanks sir…..   Kam Sharma   Excellent doctor. Very approachable and takes time to explain the process as well as clarify any doubts or concerns you may have.   Omprakash Patidar   Good job sir   Mitra Kaunik   We went to Dr. Dhiren Shah for my uncle’s CABG surgery and I am glad that we choose him as our doctor because he and his entire team is best. None of the other doctor can be more perfect then Dr. Dhiren Shah. He has done miracle as my uncle’s case was complicated. I am very much thankful to him and his team and thank you very much to CIMS family also.   Ashuram Sen Thanks sir .Very nice service   Dilip Bhatt   Dr. Dhiren shah is a great heart specialist and a kind person. We proud of him because he is from kutch. Thanks sir for save my father’s life   Jagdish Mankad   I am so small person to say about Dr.Dhirenbhai.he has mirecal in his hands.He is the media between god and me.he has given me the joy by operating my wife Dipti Mankad.may god give him all success.   Parasmalkhatri Khatri   Dr. Dhiren Shah is one of the best cardiac surgeon in India. Exicillent treatment given to my daughter in Cims hospital by Dr. Dhiren Shah sir. Thank you very very much sir for save my daughters life.   Vikash Maanzu   Thank you so much sir   Girish Bhatt   Dr dhiren shah is great heart specialist and very kind person. We are very happy with Dr. Dhiren sir. Home service also given to us. Thank to all Cims family. Girish Rajasthan   Bharat Soni   Treatment like as home and well satisfied… Very happily   Ghansham Dhirani   Dr.Dhiren shah is very special cardiac surgeon.excillent treatment given to us.He is very kind person.we are glad to choose him as our doctor. Home service given in Rajasthan which is amazing. Thanks sir.   Upendra Patel   Perfect doctor for valve related treatment. My mother recently done it. Overall systems of CIMS are very good. Upendra Kailash Sharma   My father’s present situation is good only because of you thank you so much sir for your support and to give my father new life. Thanxx a lot…   Asha Kamdar   Dr. Dhiren Shah is a well known cardiac Surgeon and one of the best in this field. Recently, I myself had been operated for Mital Valve replacement on 18/3/2016 at CIMS, Ahmedabad. We are so thankful to Dr. Dhiren and his team for all efforts and positive outcomes of the operation. We are proud to have doctor like you in Ahmedabad with speciality in operating heart surgery Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS). Dr. Dhiren Shah is a gem of person, well composed and polite enough to everyone around him, we feel blessed to have done such important operation done by you. We would like to thank all CIMS family, Doctors, Sisters, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Lab staff, Food Court staff, Security staff for all their help and assistance. Wish you all great success and best health for lifetime. God bless you and your family. Regards, Asha Kamdar.   Ravi Agarwal   Best cardio surgeon and very good behaviour for patients….   PRAVIN AJMERA   ONE OF THE BEST CARDIAC SURGEON GLOBALLY VERY ADVANCE IN IMA DOWN TO EARTH VERY COOPERATIVE VERY HAPPY WITH HIM   Bhagwat Nath   Dr dhiren shah is excellent work and good cardiac surgeon   Devendra Kumar   Thank you so much sir   Kashif Khan   Dr. Dhiren shah has very good behavior with each staff and patients. He’s super intelligent and respective person.   bhargav hirpara Dr. Dhiren shah is best doctor in cardiac surgery, we are very satisfied for doing AVR surgery. And special thanks for him.   Arjun Tanwar]   Dr Dhiren shah is a great heart spacialist and very kind person We are very happy to take treatment by dr dhiren shah sir Thank you so much sir for your support and give my father new life Home service given which is amazing Once again thanks sir   Mohit Pipariya   Dr dhiren shah is very helpful, kind and generous. experienced.   Manali Shah   Dr.Dhiren shah is very polite to the patient and also gives the good response to the patient family members and services of cims hospital is very fast   Hardik Patel   Dr. Dhire shah sir. Well done experience and services given in cims hospitals nd very good service for dressing at our home so thank you very much   vikash rajgor   Dr. Dhiren shah is best doctor in cardiac surgery, My fathers by pass Surgery is very successful. thenx.   hanumana ram Mali   Thank you very much sir   Manish Patel   Good doctor in Gujarat   Nirbhay Goswami   Good doctor   Jaymin Shah   Excellent facilities and very good hospitality and caring nature of Dr.Dhiren Shah. I strongly recommend for any cardiac problems Dr. Dhiren Shah.   Viraj Kumar   Dr. Dhiren Shah is like an incarnation of God. He gave a new life to my nani (Chandrikaben R. Shah). When my nani suffered her first heart attack we thought that we were gonna lose her. When we discussed her case with some doctors we found nothing but one statement that “For Chandrikaben it is not advisable to do heart surgery at the age of seventy-two (72) as there are a lot of complications in her body and it is best to take her home and give some medications.” But after we discussed her case with Dr. Dhiren Shah we felt relaxed and were assured that everything would go very well. The valve replacement operation went as smooth as butter and it all happened very fine. Me and my family members are very grateful to Dr. Dhiren Shah and we thank him and his team for giving a new life to my nani.   Darshan Patel   This is a good surgen dr.dhiren shah   Anmol Patel   good approach by doctors and nursing staff. and best service   Asish Vadhar   We had done CABG surgery for our father named : Mr. Prafulchandra from Dr. Dhiren Shah at CIMS Ahmedabad. We have found the world class experience from start to bottom, Dr. Dhiren Shah has done an excellent job, he visited our father in the hospital couple of times in a day, he took care of minor to major problems of my father in an astonishing way. He is not only a brilliant and excellent surgeon but a great caring human being as well. The way he treated the patient from day one to the last is mindblowing due to his caring nature the patient completely forgot his pain and feel very relaxing. He personally took care of each needs for our father. Under his outstanding team our father recovered very well and perfectly fit at the moment. We highly recommend Dr. Dhiren Shah and his team for all heart related diseases. He is extremely down to earth and available at any time even during the night for any queries related to patient, not limited only when the patient is in the hospital even afterwards as well. We deeply thankful to him for his brilliant treatment. Regarding CIMS hospital, the management is excellent, all the facilities are fully modern and equipped with latest technology. Canteen is clean and good in taste. Regards Ashish   amita kansagra   Thanks sir   dhaval vora dhaval   I will say only one line which we use to say in our technical gujarati language ” Heart Noo Saroo Mistry Che Dr. Dhiren shah ” .   chintan thacker   My fathers by pass Surgery is very successful. Nice experience.   jalam purohit   Best doctor india no 1 doctor   Kapurbhai Mali   Excellent service nice work sir   urjit bhatt   Good dr   Dhruv Panchal   best dr   Naresh Jain   best treatment …..we r setisfied with your service ……   bhavsar pathik   Excellent facilities and very good hospitality and caring nature of Dr.Dhiren Shah. .   mehul dedhia   Dr Dhiren is an excellent surgeon. So genuine, trustworthy and absolutely reliable.   Mehta Hardik   Very good response   Harendra Bhavsar   Nice   javed khan   Excellent doctor..   hemendra singh Chundawat Nice work and behavior Amit Mehta Good job sir vipul desai   one of the best doctor in gujrat all service is best   manish singh   Thanks sir for your kind help   Mukeshbhai Mordiya Very good doctor   Patel Ankit   Dr.Dhiren shah is very intelligent That’s very nice   Krunal Shah   Good doctor Rakesh Kotiya Good doctor paras goyal Thank you sir Navin Mehta Very nice with service and operation for bypass Keshvlal Ajmeri Thanks you for giving new life pranam Jigna Shah Thnx lott for surgery Gopal Soni Good doctor RIDHAM DUNGRANI Great dr Kalidas Patel Good doctor Mayur Dave Best cardiac team. Dipak Goswami Excellent ane very thankful to you Mitesh Pandya Good cardiologist tkhushbu2008@gmail.com dolly1187 Excellent work and very confidant doctor. Pravinkumar Bamania Very humble and kind nature persone BADHEKA SHANKARLAL MAGANLAL Best doctor for bypass Manmal Nahar Excellent work Mohammad Rafiq U. Theba R.U.Theba Excellent Anuradha Singh Best doctors team Isha Soni Excellent work and we are thankful to you Barot Sumant Good docter parimal dund Very nice and humble…thank you Milan Gajera Good work of entire team.. yash shah One of the best doctor!!!! ptel smit Good work of entire team Babu Bhai Best doctor Vijay Patel Best doctor Shyam Hirji Nice Doctor Vilas Varma Best service by hospital   dilip Chhajer Batter $ nice Birood Patel Best cardiac surgeon Bhavesh Prajapati Very nice teem sir Manish Patel Nice services. Harji Patel good nature and good work jaikumar goyal best doctor Hitesh Soni good service Deep Rami good.best Dr.. Kamini Kapadiya Dr Dhiren Shah & his team Ganpat Singh Rajpurohit (Translated by Google) Dr. Dhiren Shah Sahab Best doctor and excellent talent, I have had a wonderful experience with you, my mother’s extremely complex operation was highly successful by your team, my mother is absolutely fine, I am very happy, I and my family will always be thankful to you. – Advocate Ganpat Singh Rajpurohit, Sumerpur (Rajasthan) (Original) Dr. धीरेन शाह साहब सर्वश्रेष्ठ चिकित्सक एवम विलक्षण प्रतिभा के धनी आपके साथ मेरे जीवन का बेहद बेहतरीन अनुभव रहा,मेरे माताजी का बेहद जटिल ऑपरेशन आपकी टीम द्वारा बेहद सुरक्षात्मक तरीके से सफलतम किया ,,मेरे माताजी अब एकदम ठीक है ,मै बहुत खुश हुँ,, मैं और मेरा परिवार सदैव आपके आभारी रहेंगे ।। एडवोकेट गणपतसिंह राजपुरोहित,सुमेरपुर (राजस्थान)   Kevin K Thanks from dayaram m kothari   gangotri 3224 Thank you. Dressing Done Cabs. VijayChauhan Vijay Thanks for the recommendation of my new life. Sir