“Doctor =””second god”” Beauty of this second god is that ,I can see him.I can touch him.I want to share my reviews with small experience.Few months ago, my chest first time experienced pain ,goes to left hand and now backache also started.Pain is so unbearable that i vomit once.Doctor advice angiography .Angiography show that triple vessel disease.And CABG suggested.
Dr.dhiren sir is the only Dr. For me at that time.With his knowledge , experience,art, my heart open up and he touch it.Don’t know what he do !! But after 2 days my chest was with stiches.pain was also subside. Sir. Actually touch my heart with his magical hand.Heart is a complited structure both anatomically and intellectually ,but yes my second god can deal it with excellently.Sir,have magical hand with beautiful soul.Now , i have no doubt that god never live on earth.If you have doubt!! Please meet Dr.dhiren sir.”