“Hospitality at Best Experienced. I recommend for Cardiac Surgery anywhere in western region to be done by Dr. Dhiren Shah at CIMS in Ahmedabad. A Kind, Cool Composed and above all Brilliant Surgeon, Having Vast Experience in Cardiac surgery Field. We are really obliged and have a sweet memories of having interacted with him for my family matter. His advice was perfect and assuring. He was able to convince why surgery was needed and also gave comfort to the patient who was little scary about the operation. Me and my family members are very grateful to Dr. Dhiren Shah and we thank him and his team for giving a new life to our family members. In fact it is pleasure of introducing him to my friends and their family member. As I got tons of blessing from one of my friends Parents as I had recommended them to visit Dr. Dhiren Shah for their cardiac related problems and they got proper advice and treatment which saved his life. “