“Only 5* is not enough. Very Firstly Dr. Dhiren Shah, before reading about him and CIMS I was thinking about to go to Chennai for Surgery Again(listening to the complaints and cases of cheating overall in Gujarat and specifically major hospitals in Vadodara) after reading on justdial, google, All other social medias, I made mind to get treatment from CIMS Ahmedabad, when Dr. Dhiren Shah come for round, they make is fearless, they positive attitude make you half cured, tomorrow I am getting discharge, but second day of surgery I was in ICU my body was paining so much, than Dr. Dhiren Shah,came in round told me everything is fine major surgery every patients gets to much pain don’t worry we have to walk tomorrow, from that pain got lost, everytime I see him, I feel energetic, Major good thing about the surgery Dr. Said valve must be changed, but during operation, he found valve can be reused, he talked to senior most dorcters in India, and reused the valve, till that I know only dhiren shah, but today another doctor came, he told me that my previous surgery was done by his Guru and just make us feel I’m not doctor for you I’m a family member, both are superb, I’m feeling Dr. Dhiren Shah to be next to God, So experienced, so jolly, giving 2-5 minutes to patients for their queries and doubts, superb is only word their quality, On duty Dr. Jagdish (superb)Now Support staff is superb Cardiologist lady Dr. – in Echo room so good. Dr. Chintan Sheth, – Anesthesiologist, you have to take one package from me.(joking) Thomas Brother, Churhcil Brother, Avesh Brother, Himani sister, Shailesh pillai Brother, One more brother and lady Dr. I don’t remember the name, Last but not list Attending staff, Yogesh and kanti, and Mr. Panna for me more than my mother, they didn’t even make me feel that they are giving me support for urine or toilet. Keep this noble service activities continue and also developed a student who can perform atleast 50% of what I see. Thanks a lot, superb My Name is Sachin Mehta, From Mehta Tours. I want to write more but I don’t have words, getting discharge tomorrow Tuesday 25/09/2018.”