“We had done CABG surgery for our father named : Mr. Prafulchandra from Dr. Dhiren Shah at CIMS Ahmedabad. We have found the world class experience from start to bottom, Dr. Dhiren Shah has done an excellent job, he visited our father in the hospital couple of times in a day, he took care of minor to major problems of my father in an astonishing way. He is not only a brilliant and excellent surgeon but a great caring human being as well. The way he treated the patient from day one to the last is mind-blowing due to his caring nature the patient completely forgot his pain and feel very relaxing. He personally took care of each needs for our father. Under his outstanding team our father recovered very well and perfectly fit at the moment. We highly recommend Dr. Dhiren Shah and his team for all heart related diseases. He is extremely down to earth and available at any time even during the night for any queries related to patient, not limited only when the patient is in the hospital even afterwards as well.We deeply thankful to him for his brilliant treatment. Regarding CIMS hospital, the management is excellent, all the facilities are fully modern and equipped with latest technology. Canteen is clean and good in taste.