For overall patient satisfaction and better outcomes in treatment of a
patient , following chemistry is necessary between Doctor and Patient.

1. Patient listening: Active and attentive listening to patients’ concerns,
symptoms, and experiences allows healthcare providers to fully understand
their needs and tailor appropriate care. This can include asking open-ended
questions, maintaining eye contact, and nodding or paraphrasing to show

2. Empathy: Demonstrating understanding and empathy towards patients helps
build trust and rapport. Healthcare providers who can put themselves in
their patients’ shoes and acknowledge their emotions can create a
supportive and caring environment.

3. Compassion: Showing genuine care and concern for patients’ well-being
can have a positive impact on their overall experience. Compassionate acts
include providing comfort through words or actions acknowledging patients’
fears or anxieties, and offering emotional support.

4. Friendly approach: Being approachable, warm, and friendly can help
patients feel more comfortable and
willing to openly discuss their health issues. This includes greeting
patients with a smile, using a friendly and non-intimidating tone of voice,
and maintaining a positive demeanor.

5. Good communication: Effective communication is essential for building
trust and understanding between patients and healthcare providers. Clear
and concise explanations of diagnoses, treatment options, and expected
outcomes, as well as actively involving
patients in decision-making, can improve patient satisfaction and adherence
to treatment plans.

6. Friendly and sympathetic touch: Appropriate and respectful physical
contact, such as a handshake,
gentle pat on the shoulder, or comforting touch, can convey a message of
care and support. It is important
to respect cultural or personal boundaries and always obtain patient
consent before any physical contact
Overall, integrating these points into medical practice can contribute to a
patient-centered approach promoting satisfaction, trust, and better

Dr Dhiren Shah
Director CVTS department and chief of Heart transplant Unit
Marengo CIMS hospital
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