The mentality of accepting anything free, even if it is of inferior quality, is indeed a paradox. In the case of healthcare in India, this mentality has eroded the quality of healthcare services. People fail to realize that their health is their most invaluable asset and by accepting substandard healthcare, they are playing with their own lives.

Patients and their relatives often accept inferior standards of treatment, unnecessary interventions incomplete treatment, and even mortality. The government does not have adequate audits or checks in place to ensure the quality of healthcare being provided. If the government truly wants to benefit its
citizens, it must regulate and standardize the health sector.

The healthcare sector should not be used as a tool for vote bank politics, but should be seen from a humanitarian perspective. It is essential that healthcare is of high quality and meets international standards, to prevent it from deteriorating like the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK or
the Canadian health sector.

Dr Dhiren Shah
Director CVTS and Heart transplant Unit
Marengo CIMS hospital
Ahmedabad Gujarat
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