It is true that there has been an increase in cardiac deaths in recent
times, and it is not solely related to the post-COVID period. There are
several factors contributing to this trend in India.

Firstly, genetic predisposition plays a role. Indians are more prone to
heart attacks due to increased incidence of atherosclerosis compared to
other populations, such as the Japanese ( 20 times more ). This genetic
factor puts Indians at a higher risk. WHO had already declared almost
decade before that 50% of world’s heart pateints will in India by 2020.

Secondly, the economic development of India has brought about significant
lifestyle changes, which have further contributed to the increase in
cardiac deaths. Unhealthy food habits, including the consumption of junk
food, have become more prevalent. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle has
become more common due to changes in work patterns and technology.

Mounting stress levels, the rat race mentality, increasing targets,
materialistic living, and the rise in diabetes cases also contribute to the
problem. These lifestyle factors act as triggers for heart attacks in
individuals who are already genetically predisposed.

It is important to recognize that these lifestyle diseases are a side
product of India’s economic development. To combat this epidemic, it is
crucial for individuals to be aware of and make changes to their
lifestyles. A collective effort is needed to address this issue. It may be
beneficial to implement measures such as promoting healthier food choices,
encouraging physical activity, and finding effective ways to manage stress.

In conclusion, cardiac deaths have increased in recent times, and it is not
solely attributable to the post-COVID period. Genetic predisposition and
lifestyle changes brought about by economic development are major factors
contributing to this trend in India. It is important for individuals and
society as a whole to address this issue and prioritize healthier
lifestyles to reduce the burden of cardiac diseases.

Our Gun is loaded and lifestyle changes , pulls the trigger.

Dr Dhiren Shah
Director CVTS DEPARTMENT and Chief Heart
transplant Unit
Marengo CIMS hospital
Ahmedabad Gujarat
#heartattack #heartdisease